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Bacon Wrapped Corn On The Cob

We’ve got a recipe for changing up your typical grilled corn on the cob. How about adding the goodness of bacon? Once you’ve tasted these, you’ll never want ‘boring’ corn... Read more +

How To Use An Avocado Slicer

If you’re an avocado lover, then chances are, you’re an absolute devotee. Here at Chef Remi, we’re always amazed to see how many blog posts and social media posts there... Read more +

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3180 reviews said: Great mats

I used these on imy grill as well as in the oven and they work great. Nothing seems to stick to them and they helped my food cook evenly and without burning.

Diane Bradbury said: A great value!

My old peeler broke and I was looking for a new one. I took a chance on these as they were pretty cheap, and I had never owned anything other than a plain Jane peeler before. I am glad I tried this set. The lifetime warranty was the hook that got me. I know peelers break, because mine did. The set has a regular peeler, one that is serrated for peeling waxy or slippery fruits, and one for making garnish or zesting citrus. All three are easy to hold and have a comfortable grip, and they work great. This is a great set and I am very happy with my purchase.

14 hours ago - Kitchen Whisk Set
Chris mace said: The perfect eggs

I would love scrambled eggs in the morning a little but a milk salt and pepper,A couple chives the perfect breakfast I love using this wisk to make it happen

DRay said: Love this

Bought one for myself months ago. Works fantastic so ordered 5 more for family members.

Megan Johnston said: Thick Spoons

As soon as I opened the package, I was amazed. These spoons have handled that are thicker than any I have ever purchased. The quality is at the too if the line. The spoon rest is flexible and very easy to keep clean. I expect these spoons to last a very long time just by my impression from using them once. Very satisfied customer!